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  • Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist Director

    "Congratulations on another great Medicine for Psychiatrists Conference 2015! Content and quality of speakers were excellent, very relevant to my work in CL."
  • Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist CEO

    "This is the second time I attended the Medicine for Psychiatrists conference, and I really think it’s a fantastic forum for psychiatrist to brush up on their medical skills, knowledge. The topics were all very relevant and the speakers impressed me with how they succinctly applied the information/knowledge to a psychiatric perspective. I would recommend the conference to anyone working in psychiatry, obviously in particular to CL psychiatrists."
  • General Psychiatrist

    "Thanks again for the wonderful conference."
  • General Psychiatrist

    "It was a good conference. I believe this is an area that we all as psychiatrists should explore more."
  • General Practitioner

    "This was a great conference. As a GP MOSS I thought that my first specialist conference would be way over my head but this was right up my alley. Many thanks for all the work put into organizing and running it."
  • General Practitioner

    "Thanks. I enjoyed the conference. The talk on FTD was particularly good."

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The programme and learning goals have been developed by Australasian based consultant psychiatrists of varying subspecialties. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists have reviewed the programme and learning goals and has given formal CPD endorsement.

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